Introduction: Sister Scarves

[ Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick]

Every year I knit myself and my sister matching scarves. It is funny because she and I are complete opposites. She is a super girly girl with blond curly hair and I am a no nonsense practical gal with brown hair and eyes. People don't believe us that we are sisters. We have six years between us but our mother insisted that we dress the same.

When I learned how to knit I made us scarves they were the same style and yarn but in different colors that suited each of us. My sister's scarf was pink sparkles and mine was black variegated. This year I let her pick the yarn out and she selected Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. Mine is Pumpkin and hers is Silver Gray.

The pattern is actually a super simple 1 line simple lace pattern called Garter Stitch Lace. It looks dense because the yarn is so thick but it is light and airy.

Here is the pattern

Garter Stitch Lace
Cast on 20 Stitches for a thick scarf 10 stitches for a thinner scarf.
Row 1: K2, YO, K2TOG repeat across
Rinse and Repeat until your run out of yarn.
Fringe in the YO spaces and your done!