Introduction: Sit and Spin Riveted Pendant From at Beaducation - Step by Step Jewelry Making Video Tutorials

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Make movable pendants! In this new take on riveting, instructor Steven James takes you through the steps to creating unique pendants with moving parts. In class, Steven teaches how to create a unique spinner and to stamp, texture and oxidize metal. Finish it all off by riveting the pieces together to create your movable piece. This design makes a great pendant to dangle from a chain or a token to carry in your pocket.

This class has a running time of 30 minutes.


Letter stamp set Steven uses the 1/16" upper case Block set in class.

Metal design stamps

2.5" x 2.5" Steel Bench Block

2 lb Brass Head Mallet - works especially well with design stamps

Cool Cup with Gripping Tweezers

Chasing Hammer

Blazer Butane Torch

Kiln Brick

Round Face Riveting Hammer

Gripping Tweezers - Wooden Handle

Lindstrom Flush Cutter Pliers RX814

Metal Hole Punch Pliers, 1.8mm hole

Small Files, Set of 6

Table Vise

German Bent Chain Nose Pliers With Ergonomic Handle

Liver of Sulfur - Steven uses a Sharpie marker in class, but other options include Liver of Sulfur or Silver Black.

Pro Polish Pad (pack of 10)

Optional Tools for cutting your own blanks

Jeweler's Saw Frame

Saw Blades - "0" cut

V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp

French Shears

Metal blanks

14g Fine Silver, Round, Dead Soft Wire - 3 ft

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