Introduction: Sit-ups Kit in a Box

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If you have ever felt bad about throwing away a pair of old shoes...fret no more! I wanted to start doing sit-ups again, but I always seem to start then stop cycle repeat. I had an old pair of sneakers and thought why can't I just screw these to a board and do sit-ups? The idea for Sit-ups Kit in a Box was created. This is very unique and it gives those dead shoes you love a ZAP with a defibrillator. This is more of a guide rather an exact set of instructions. Too many variables to account for and it is good to get outside of your comfort zone at least for me. :)

Needed Tools and Materials

  • Old pair of sneakers that haven't been worn in months
  • A bed, couch, or wall
  • Two hinges or a piano hinge (piano was my option)
  • Wood stain/sealant
  • Plywood or solid wood scraps (download my free plans to see the sizes)
  • Nails or screws
  • Drill Press, but a cordless drill is a great replacement
  • Scroll saw, jig saw, or bandsaw
  • Circular saw or table saw
  • Protractor and a little bit of Geometry
  • Square
  • Wood glue
  • Based on the size you build, appropriate sized clamps
  • A tasty beverage if you are making this in a closed garage without any ventilation in the middle of summer in Texas (It is hot during the time of writing this)

Step 1: Custom Made to Order

I made this based on my general foot length. I made my box about 20" wide and 9" tall. The front panel is about as close to a 45 degree angle as I could muster. If you have larger or smaller feet, adjust your plans. If you need help figuring out angles then search for triangle calculators on the good old interwebnets. A little bit of geometry is involved, but I promise it isn't too bad to figure out those darn angles! This will need to be custom made to your needs including how much clearance under your bed or couch. Message me if you need help drawing up plans

Cut all of your pieces to length and make sure to mark left right tops and bottoms if you want to stay extra organized. The trickiest part of this build for me was getting the angles cut on the plywood. My saw is very heavy and very unforgiving. Cutting all of the other parts on the band saw was very easy

I predrilled the holes for the nails I used. I didn't show placement of nails on purpose because it all depends on what wood that you are using and how warped it is. I used more nails that I would have wanted, but I didn't want to rebuild this if it comes apart later.

Step 2: Geometry...Kinda...and a Little More Cutting

Now that most of the parts are cut and ready to go, now it is assembly time. I attached the top part of the box to the largest piece of wood first. I dry fit the parts and made little marks so I knew where to line up after I glued. Like I stated in the previous step, I pre drilled all of the holes for the nails. Use wood glue and the nails to fasten the parts together. I had to nail down and clamp my parts several times. It was difficult to hold the parts and nail. Repeat this process next with the bottom piece of wood and then the two sides.

I then traced each side and cut them out separately because I didn't built this exactly perfectly square. Attach with nails and glue.

*If you are reusing wood like I did, make sure and get most of the finish off so the glue adheres better*

Step 3: Optional IPhone Dock

I thought having a movie playing would entice me to actually do sit-ups. I made a dock out of a scrap of wood. I just eyeballed it and got it close enough.

Step 4: PIANO...Hinge

I cut down a piano hinge because I had one collecting dust. Salvage any parts and reuse them every chance you get. I used my scroll saw and lots of lubricant while cutting. This is an important step that must not be skipped when cutting metal or drilling into metal. Hinges are inexpensive if you do need to purchase a pair. I attached the hinges to the smaller wood squares. I installed mine inside so that I can stand it up and the hinges fold in. Install however your little heart desires.

Step 5: Sealant or Paint

I like the color of stain/sealant that I bought for my previous project, so that is what I used. Just make sure you seal the wood somehow.

Step 6: Dry Fit and Shoe Attachment

I dry fit with my shoes on to make sure the placement was correct. I used a little spacer wood to adjust the angle. I just used long drywall screws with a washer. Three screws in each shoe did the trick. I put an insole over the screw heads to prevent damage on my feet.

Step 7: Before and After

Trying to do sit-ups without shoes really hurts!! The after is much more comfortable

Step 8: The End and Storage

ading this instructable. I doubt this will help me get rock hard abs...but I will settle with whatever results I get. Get out there and build one. I want to see how it comes out. Leave any comments about my instructable that are good or places where I need improvement.

If you are absolutely bored, I happen to have a YouTube channel that would love your Subscription!!


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