Introduction: Skadeboard Rack Made From Skateboarddecks

I tried to find a good and cheap rack for my longboard, but at the end I made it myself. You only need 2 cheap skatedecks, or better you have some old ones. And with that, a saw and a few skrews you get a great rack for up to 4 boards.

(I decided to make some and sell them >>

Step 1: Parts

I bought 2 decks at amazon for about 20€, maybe you have some old ones at home or you can find some cheaper decks. Beside the decks I get some griptape, but I decided to not use it, because if I put it on the decks I will probably damage my longboard later. On amazon I could choose the witdh of the deck and I choosed the biggest with 8.75'', to have the maximum of space available for cutting.

Step 2: Slots

Now the cuts have to be made. My Longboard needed a cutwidth of 2.5 cm (0.98 inches), but that belongs a little to your own borad you want to use. But I think in this slot should fit nearly every Skate- or Snowboard.

The cuts itselfes are made in a distance of 15 cm (5.9 inches). If your board needs more space, you probably need a larger distance. But with that distance I can make 4 slots and that fits perfect to the possible available boards in my home sweet home.

Making the cuts is the hardest part. I used a jig saw for the straight lines and the ends are made with a drill and a lot of rasping and grinding. But I also get a little bit of help from my son.

Warning!!! I made little scratches on top of the deck with the jig saw, so watch out if that matters for you.

Step 3: Brackets

For the metal brackets I get some perfectly fitting to the holes of the deck. That made it really easy to attach them to the deck with simple 4 mm (0.15 inch) metal skrews. As an alternative you can order a skrewset for one deck in you skateshop to get the correct skrews.

Step 4: Mount It to the Wall

The brackets located the board in a little more than  a 90 degrees angle to the wall. So I used a hammer to correct the angle of the brackets a little bit.

To avoid that the longboard is hitting the wall and make it dirty, the second deck comes up. It is simply attached to the wall with skrews.

Step 5: Finished

Here you can see the final rack made for 4 boards.

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