Introduction: Skate

1、 滑板轮子采用外侧弧形,方便做较高难度的动作,并且加粗轴,增加承重能力。

1. The skateboard wheel adopts the outer arc, which is convenient to do more difficult actions, and the axle is thickened to increase the bearing capacity.

2. 在轮子轴承中间增加球形设计,以方便轮子在不同的角度下都能以最大面着地。

2. Add a spherical design in the middle of the wheel bearing, so that the wheel can land on the ground with the largest surface at different angles.

3、 轴承与板面连接处增加弹簧减震,有助于做高难度动作时轮子的复位。

3. Add spring damping at the joint of bearing and plate surface, which is helpful to the wheel reset in high difficulty action.


4. Add a rotating shaft between the bearing and the plate, so that the wheel can rotate at a larger angle, and the unfixed dead bearing is also conducive to shock absorption.


5. The board surface adopts one-time forming to increase the toughness of the board surface and extend the service life.


6. The sliding plate is 130mm high, 800mm long and 200mm wide

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