Introduction: Skate All the Way!


As most of you guys love skating and we know that skating is pretty hard. You need to balance yourself in order to ride the board and also you need a lot of force to push the skateboard using you left or right foot. In this generation skating is pretty popular, kids from six years-old up to ten years old need to be accompanied by an adult because when kids are involved in skateboarding injuries they are mostly injured severely. Kids under six years-old are prohibited to ride a skateboard because it may cause serious trouble when something goes wrong. Wearing protective helmets and knee pads is a must, especially if you are a beginner because it prevents serious board accidents. In this project it benefits skaters who skate everyday and also those people who use skateboard as there mode of transportation because it lessens the time to get in the place they wish to go to. But take note this longboard can reach pretty fast speeds so you need to control and use it properly as it can be very dangerous, most especially if you are not an experienced skateboarder.

Step 1: Advantages and Disadvantages of This Longboard

There is always advantages and disadvantages about these kinds of projects especially when it is prone to minor and major accidents. In this kind of Long board there are a lot of consequences that you might encounter but before that let's first talk about the advantages of this. Firstly, skateboarders will surely benefit in this kind of setup especially those skaters who skates everyday and to those people who use this as mode of transportation. Also, it reduces the time as it can go a lot faster than a regular skateboard when you have to use your energy to push it. Now, there are a lot of disadvantages getting injured due to the speed of the skateboard. There aren't really brakes on the long board so you would want to watch your surroundings and be aware of people around you. Obviously only one person could ride it but we do recommend not using the long board while weighing over 200 lbs.

Step 2: Materials List/Price:

These are the things you will need to make this longboard work:

-Wheels: 4 wheels/ $20 ( you will only need two)

-Wood: Red Oak 3ftx11in. $28

-Truck: Truck $20 (you will only need one)

-Bearings: $10 (come in a set of 8 you only need 4)

-Drill: $20 (the better the drill the better it works & possibly the faster it goes.)


- Baby Bike $80 (you could use your own if you have one)


-Wheel (preferably 12 in.)


- locking nuts


Step 3: Steps on How to Make the Drill Powered Skateboard


-take 1/2 in. bolt and saw the nut mechanism off with a hacksaw -put the bolt into the sprocket -put washers on both sides -put locking nuts and torque then tightly into the washers board: - get a 3ftx11in board and measure the center of the board - get your 4x4 board and screw it in with two long screws - put the trucks on the 4x4 - get and mark where the two angles end on the wheel - cut with a skill saw and 1/2 in past the middle of the wheel. - next to the cut, make another cut the width of the chain and sprocket. leave like 1/4 on both sides. - put the angles on with the wheel and screw them in tightly. - put the sprocket mechanism on the board and secure them with two more angles. Screw them in. (make sure sprocket and wheel has a chain on it.) - if you need to put a board underneath where the drill is supposed to go and screw that in. - put the drill onto the bolt and tighten it. - secure the drill with a hose clamp and tighten. - wrap a string around the trigger of the skateboard. optional: - spray paint it. - put led light on the sides.

Step 4: Step 4: the Problems That We Encounter

While doing this project we encountered a lot of problems, like the proper nuts that we should use. Its hard to find what suits it better because sometimes it does not fit well. We also need to fix some of the bike parts most especially the chain that we used. Also, we encountered some malfunctions in the part of drill powered, it sometimes spins and sometimes not totally working. So we really need to quickly resolve it. But moreover, the project really works well and we cannot wait to present it.