Introduction: Skate Box With Side Rail

6 feet long 22 in wide 10 in tall

Step 1: Materials

We took a 42x48sheet of plywood and we cut it in half and made one piece 22”x24“ and the other half we made 22”x48”

Step 2: Materials

We took 6 scrap pieces of 2x6 and we cut them 4 of them we kept the same length And we didn’t cup them but 4 cut 3” off of our extra 2x6 to give it more hight then we cut 4 20” pieces for the width.

Step 3: You Put It Together

You shape out what you are trying to do first then you take 2 of your 20” pieces and you put it at the end of Each side then you take your 2x6 and you make a rectangle with it then you put 8 screws in too keep it sturdy

Step 4: The We Took These 3” Squares to Make It Higher

The we took these 3” squares to make it higher We drilled a hole first then we drilled a screw in you do that for each square

Step 5:

Step 6: Repeat the First Step

Do the same thing for the top of the box

Step 7: Attach It

Take a screw and drill it into the 3” square do that 3 more times

Step 8: Attach the Plywood

Take the plywood and attach it to the top part of your project I used a nail gun but you can you a drill if you have too

Step 9: Last Step

Attach the side rail with a couple screws I used 14 in total