Introduction: Skate Lamp

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I had an old skateboard deck that I repainted and I needed a reading lamp for my bedroom, enter the Skate Lamp. This is the second and improved version, now with pilot holes and wood glue!

Step 1: Materials

Skateboard deck (without the trucks)
Fluorescent lamp (dimensions: 18" W x 3 1/4" H) 
L brackets
8 #8 x 5/8" wood screws
4 #6 x 1 5/8" wood screws
4 large headed 1 5/8" wood screws 
2 coated sinker nails
Power drill
Power Saw
Scrap wood (dimensions: 32 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 3/4")
Wood glue
Tape measurer

Step 2: Prepare the Wood

I sanded down the edges of the wood because it was scrap from a previous project and I hate splinters.

Next I measured the distance between farthest distanced truck holes to see how long I needed my mount's body. 20" seemed to do the trick, long enough to cover the entire top row of holes while remaining flush to the deck.

Measure out 20" of wood and mark the line where you'll cut with the power saw.
NOTE: As always be careful when using power tools. They are dangerous and are undiscriminating when it comes to cutting wood and cutting you.

Line up the guide with your mark and cut away. If you have a table saw go ahead and do it to it friend.

Place your newly cut wood on the holes for perspective and add the lamp so you can visually center both.

With the remaining wood place it flush to both of the cut wood's ends. Since the lamp measures out to 3 1/4" we want the wooden frame to be slightly shorter to not block any light.

Measure and cut out two 3" blocks from the remaining wood.

Step 3: Build the Frame

Clamp your frame into place with one of the clamps for ease of drilling.

Find a wood drill bit slightly smaller than your #6 screws to drill pilot holes. 

Drill two holes at both ends of the block. 

I didn't bother measuring for the pilot holes and I did my best to drill evenly.

Release the clamps (make a small mark on both blocks so you know what sides correspond with each other, it'll make it easier reattaching them) and put some wood glue on the smaller block's drilled end and then smooth it on out with your finger.

Begin drilling your #6 wood screws into the main body of the frame, just enough so the tips protrude from the other side. By doing this you'll be able to line up the pilot holes easier.

When the blocks are in place replace the clamp but not too tightly so the glue remains in place.

Finish screwing in the screws (redundant) and wipe off the excess glue that seeps out the sides.

Repeat the process exactly on the other side.

Step 4: Install Your L Brackets

When placing the L bracket be mindful of the fact that there will be another screw holding the skateboard deck in place, so leave some room between the bracket and the screws holding the blocks in place.

Place your L bracket slightly away from the back edge to make sure it will sit flush on the wall. Use a flat surface as your guide.

When the brackets are in place use a pencil to mark where you will be drilling.

Remove the L bracket and start the holes with your #8 x 5/8" wood screws.

Replace the brackets and fully drill both wood screws into place without over-tightening. 

Step 5: Mount Your Lamp

If you have a stud finder you can nail into the studs to keep the nails in place for the light mounting. I didn't bother and it was a bit difficult to keep the nails in place while clumsily searching for the mount holes on the back of the light.

Place one nail in the wall at the desired height.

Using the back of the lamp as a guide line the mount hole up with the first nail and then place the second nail accordingly.

Mount the lamp on both nails and then use a level to make sure the light sits level.

Step 6: Mount the Deck

Place your mount on top of the lamp and make sure it remains level.

Make sure the L brackets are flush with the wall and grab your screws and drill again.

Screw four #8 x 5/8" into the L brackets and into the wall making sure not to over tighten. Drilling the top holes first on both sides and then the lower two. Briefly marvel at your leveled out mount.

Pick up your board and place it against the mount. Pressing the deck to the mount grab a pencil and mark on top of the wood where the truck mounting holes are.

Measure the exposed edge, finding the halfway point in its height and make another mark of the midpoint according to your other mount marks.

Drill into these new points, starting the holes before actually attaching the deck.

Place the deck against the mount doing your best to find the holes you have already started. By doing it this way, if you measured correctly you guarantee that the deck will hang level as well.

Drill the farthest outlying mount holes and then drill the other two interior mount holes.

And that's it, you're done. I mounted mine over my bed and I am confident it'll stay up there, or it'll fall on my face and that would be a stupid injury.

Step 7: Final Product

Here are some action shots of the lamp and a cat who doesn't care about it.

It works great as a reading light and I think it adds to the room and gives new life to a skateboard deck that I don't use.

Thanks for reading!

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