Introduction: SkateBoard


Skateboards were originally made of roller skates, is a popular extreme sports around the world, but because of its price and quality problems, it is difficult to have a suitable skateboard in the market, so I think according to the existing skateboard on the market, its materials to make some changes, although there will be a slight increase in the price, But its price/performance ratio is definitely higher than the existing skateboard

Step 1: 第一步:建出常见的滑板板体 Step 1: Build a Common Skateboard Body



1. Plate (excluding curved parts), 560mm long, 200mm wide and 10mm high, in line with the usual skateboard size.

2. 弯曲部分的投影长度分别为,长125mm,宽200mm,高10mm,最高处与板体高度为35mm。

2.The projection length of the curved part is 125mm long, 200mm wide, 10mm high, and the height of the highest and plate body is 35mm.

3. 之后使用拉伸修饰出弯曲的弧度

3.Then use stretchtoe to modify the curved radian

Step 2: 第二步:轮子 Step 2: Wheels


1. Set the size of the wheel, the outer diameter of the wheel is 30mm, the inner diameter is 10mm.

2. 倒圆角,轮子的外轮廓需要一定的弧度,方便之后运动过程中转弯的进行。

3. Rounded, the outer contour of the wheel requires a certain degree of arc, convenient after the movement of the process of turning.

3. 轴杆和内径要配合,轴承直径在1.1个内径大小。

3. The shaft rod and the inner diameter should be matched, and the bearing diameter is 1.1 inner diameter size.

Step 3: 第三步:支撑 Step 3: Support

1. 在支撑和轴杆方面使用碳纤维材料,在不损失其强度的情况下,减少了滑板的重量。

1. Use carbon fiber material in support and shaft rods to reduce the weight of the skateboard without losing its strength

Step 4: 第四步,整体装配 Step 4, Overall Assembly

使用Autodesk Fusion360 软件中的装配功能实现轮子,轴杆,轴承的运动情况

Use the assembly functions in Autodesk Fusion 360 for wheels, shafts, bearings


Note: Due to material problems, the main core parts of this product, bearings, brackets, shafts are made of carbon fiber materials, reducing the overall weight while the price will not rise significantly.

Step 5: 多视图图片 Multi-view Pictures