Introduction: Skateboard

Skate Skateboard project is the granddaddy of extreme sports history, the limit of many sports by Skateboard extension project.Evolution in the late 1950 s and early '60 s by the sport of skateboarding and skateboard is the earliest by the double row roller skating lovers of stents in the wood, then gradually developed into the now of skateboarding, has now become the most "cool" movement on the earth.And our innovation is on the board in jet device, and the material of skateboard to replace more cool

Step 1: Step One: Product Board


according to the size of 60 * 40 * 30 draw sketches and stretch,tangent arc and straight line


draw the shape shown in the figure sketch and shear


get a whole board graphics image

Step 2: Step Two: Make the Wheels Frame


according to the appropriate size sketches and wheel frame for stretching


sketches stretch round add spring


according to the actual graphics lofting and stretch out the wheel shaft, for fillet operation get more wheels

Step 3: Step Four: Make Thread, Screws


according to the reasonable size to sketch drawing and stretching to get the wheels


according to the pie chart sketch out the wheel grain, get
the wheels

Step 4: Step Four: Make Thread, Screws


according to the appropriate size hole and join the thread


according to the hole screw model to set up

Step 5: Step Five: Make the Jet Device


graphic rough sketches and stretching to get the jet device


establish a graphic shapes

Step 6: Step Six: Assemble

Good parts will be built in accordance with the assembly relationship between assembly and apply colors to a drawing, get a jet skateboard!

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