Introduction: Skateboard

It's a traditional skateboard, but it's innovative.Retain the traditional wood material, with excellent texture.The wheels are made of high-performance new materials that reduce cushioning.At the same time, beautiful appearance generous, covering the surface of the stars, pleasing to the eye.At the same time, according to the scale can be made small pocket board, with the significance of collection.

Step 1: Production Floor

draw a total length of 790mm, 10mm thickness, with a certain radian sketch;

Horizontally stretch to 200mm.Use chamfering.

Step 2: Making Wheel Bracket

36mm*52mm rectangular sketch, stretch 4mm, drill holes, make threads;

Draw the sketch as shown in figure 2-2, stretch;Make a cylinder, stretch it,

Step 3: To Make the Wheels

Make a cylinder, drill, stretch, fillet, duplicate four

Step 4: To Make the Screw

Draw a circle, stretch it, thread it and get it as shown. Finally, copy the screws and get eight screws.

Step 5: The Slide Drill Matches the Thread

Make four holes in each half of the slide plate and make
threads to match the screws。

Step 6: Are Assembled and Illustrations Rendering

Assemble the parts and Illustration rendering of the model.

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