Introduction: Skateboard

It is well known that skateboarding is the ancestor of the history of extreme sports. It originated on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the late 1850s, when the west coast of the United States was a place for trendsetters to show their skills. The first generation skateboards made of cheap ordinary wood and expensive light wood have become an indispensable part of their daily entertainment. Today, skateboarding has become popular all over the world, and entered the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, becoming the designated event of the Olympic Games, which is also my original intention of making skateboarding model. It is simple and fluent, which reminds people of the memory of the earlier generations who took advantage of the wind to attack the table.

Step 1:

1. Select the box in the shape generator and drag it into the bottom plate of the skateboard;

Step 2:

2. Select the dome, compress it and merge it with the base slab;

Step 3:

3. Copy and paste to the symmetrical end;

Step 4:

4. Move to make the two connectors merge symmetrically

Step 5:

5. Drag the connector out of the shape selector and merge it with the bottom of the sliding plate;

Step 6:

6. Copy and paste it in its symmetrical position and

Step 7:

7. Merge with it;

Step 8:

8. Drag a torus in the selector and pull it into the wheel of the skateboard

Step 9:

9.Copy three and paste them under the bottom

Step 10:

10. The multi view finished drawing after color matching.