Introduction: Skateboard

intro: This blue skateboard is a cool product, which has taller both wings, and this will make the skateboard out of the ordinary. When someone use it, the feel is different from common skateboards.

Step 1: Create Skateboard Surface

1. The rectangular plate is 93.63cm long and 30cm wide.

2. Make both sides of the board and rotate it by 22.5 degrees.

3. Combine the whole board of skateboard together, that is to build the whole board.

Step 2: Install the Link Section at the Bottom of the Panel

Note:this part is used to connect sliding plate and pulley part.

Step 3: Assembly Pulley

1. Make wheels, outer diameter 5cm, adjust inner diameter.

2. Assembly of pulley part.

Step 4: Combined Skateboard

Skateboard combination completed.

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