Introduction: Skateboard

This is a very humanized skateboard, it is all red, no gorgeous decoration, simple and unique style

Step 1:

1. 1. Skateboard is a popular

toy. It was invented in the western part of the United States in the late 1950s. Now it is very popular all over the world. My skateboard is also a kind of people-friendly one. But when I think about it, the design is more humanized. It is 80cm in total length, 20cm in width, 15cm in front and 15cm in back, 50cm in front and rear, and the distance between front wheels and rear wheels The distance equal to the board width is 20cm. The front warping is semicircle, the back warping is rectangle, and the plate body is red, because red will give people strength and be more cool

Step 2:


decoration, use the front warping of the front design as a semicircle, like a head, and add a smile on the board, simple and humanized2

Step 3:

Design wheel bearing and other parts, use superior steel plate to

connect the plate and bearing with four screws, and install wheels at both ends of the bearing

Step 4:


convenience, I added a heart-shaped handle on the back warping, which is good-looking and practical. The front warping and back warping and the heart-shaped handle are both 9 degrees, and the one tenth of the right angle has a small gradient, slightly warping. Such a skateboard is ready, all red, very pleasing to the eyes, and unique in style