Introduction: Skateboard

This time I used tinkercad website to model skateboard design. Because it was the first time to contact with modeling, the model was a little rough, but it made me have a great interest in modeling and let me feel the unique charm of modeling. Here are my modeling steps.

Step 1: Make Panel

Set the box to 64.79 by 18 by 1. Set the dome to a diameter of 18 and a height of 1, and then copy the same model, using left and right mirrors to be symmetrical with it. The dome wants to rotate up 17 degrees to join the box.The color of skateboard surface is my favorite green, which symbolizes youth and vitality. In line with the concept of skateboarding

Step 2: Make Wheels

Set the torus to diameter 3, and copy three.

Step 3: Make the Bridge

Two cylinders are spliced together with a spring.The additional spring can help skateboarders to relieve the impact with the ground when landing after completing some actions. Ensure the safety of skateboarders.

Step 4: Splicing

Splice all the above components to get a skateboard.

Step 5: Making Fonts

Choose a font and type the words "vans", my favorite skateboard brand, and overlay the skateboard.