Introduction: Skateboard

This time, I used tinkercad modeling website to model the double warped skateboard. According to the knowledge of skateboard and the entity pictures on the Internet, I used it as a reference to model the skateboard. Tinkercad is a browser based 3D design and modeling program, which aims to provide various users (beginners and experts) with the method of creating projects. Traditional CAD software options are not only expensive, but also often difficult to learn, but tinkecad solves this problem, which is also excellent for us as students. With the help of tinkecad, I finally completed the basic modeling of skateboard through several days' efforts.

Step 1: Fabrication of Base Plate

As the skateboard manufactured this time is double warped, two half columns are selected for adjustment. Adjust it to the right size, splice it with the rectangular base plate, and then dye them all in bright red. In addition, the black anti-skid pad increases the friction and improves the user's foot feeling, which can also ensure the user's safety and avoid injury.

Step 2: Composition of Wheels

After making the bottom plate, the next step is to make the wheel of the skateboard. Considering the authenticity of the skateboard, I decided to install springs on both sides of the skateboard.

Step 3: Wheel Installation Renderings

Considering the stability of the skateboard, Iinstalled a fixing device on the bottom plate of the skateboard after installing the wheels.

Step 4: Fixing Device

We all know that the triangle has good stability. The skateboard will have good stability under the support of two wedges on the left and right sides. Install the spring of shock absorption on the wedge. In this way, the production of skateboard is basically completed, and the skateboard has good stability under the premise of a certain beauty, which makes the skateboard closer to reality.

Step 5: Final Presentation

So far, the skateboard has been finished.Although the skateboard itself is very common, the achievements of our efforts are gathered on it. I chose red because red represents hope and passion. We must rise with passion, because hope will last forever. Skateboard is small, but it gathers the soul of human beings.

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