Introduction: Skateboard

This is a simple double-up skateboard that can be used for technical movements as well as for skateboarding beginners.

Step 1: Step 1 :Build the Base Board

The baseboard consists of two components .

1 X 60/20/1 (center board)

2 X 10/20/1 (semi-elliptical side board)

Step 2: Step 2:splicing Three Boards As One

Double-up skateboard is a flexible skateboard with more extensions and can be used for technical movements.

1. Combine two semi-elliptical side boards with the center board at 120 degrees. That is the semi-elliptical side boards are at an angle of 60 degress to the plane.

2.Ensure that the three boards are spliced tightly .

Step 3: Step 3:Making Pulleys and Brackets

Connect the pully and the baseboard by forming a stand with several basic shapes.

Two small sylinders at an angle of 30 degrees to the plane form a triangular structure to improve stability.

2 X Diamete2 X 6/4/4(Rectangular support)

2 X 6/4/4(Rectangular support)

2 X Diametr 1/high 8 (Cylindrical support column , 30 degrees to the plane)

1 X Diameter 1.1/high 18 (A cylinder connecting two pulleys)

Slab bridge width 18cm

Step 4: Step 4: Connecting the Main Board to the Pulley and Bracket

1.Let the bridge spacing be 44 cm long.

2.Let the distance from the bottom of the baseboard to the ground be 10 cm high .

3.Ensure that the bracket and the baseboard are spliced tightly.

Step 5: Step 5:Decorative Skateboard

Pick your favorite skateboard colors,decorate skateboards like adding letters or other.

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