Introduction: Skateboard

The skateboard adopts the combination of red and black, which can give people a strong visual conflict.The red English word "sports" is used on the surface to make the skateboard more flexible, symbolizing the enthusiasm and endless movement. The spline curve is used for fitting on the side to make the skateboard thinner and smoother.The middle of the wheel is cut to make it appear like a petal, which eliminates the heavy weight of the wheel itself and makes it more dazzling. Spring is added to the parts of the wheel and wheel shaft, making the skateboard more flexible and able to adapt to more complex terrain, enhancing the user's experience.

该滑板采用红与黑的搭配,能给人以强烈的视觉冲突。表面采用红色的英文单词 "sports",使滑板更为灵动,象征着运动的热烈以及永无止境,侧面采用样条曲线进行拟合,使滑板更为轻薄,线条更加流畅。轮子的中间对其进行剪切,使其呈花瓣状,消除了轮子自身的笨重,使其更加炫动,在轮子与轮轴等部位加上弹簧,使得滑板更为灵活,能够适应较为复杂的地形,增强了用户的体验感。

Step 1:

First, I created a side sketch that roughly outlined the skateboard and stretched it,The second step, in the skateboard surface for trimming, so that its rounded corners

Step 2:

Step 3: create wheels and use concentric circles to make them more beautiful.Then create the connector connecting the wheel and the plate surface, and round the corner processing.And screw in place.

Step 3:

Step 4: connect the wheels on both sides of the car with the shaft, and symmetrical to the other side through the mirror image, and round corners and other details on the car body

Step 4:

Step 5: insert spring into the part connected with the body and wheel shaft, and insert spring into the four corners of the wheel and wheel shaft

Step 5:

Step 6: The four wheels are connected to make the skateboard capable of movement ,and make physical material selection on the render page, and put a nice sticker on it.

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