Introduction: Skateboard

Skateboard length 80cm wide 20cm high 19.9cm with letters
on top

This skateboard can be exercised on less
smooth ground, increasing the chances of success. The purpose of building skateboards is to reduce the fault tolerance of novices but this skateboard is not mature, so I hope to be guided by the judges

Step 1: Wheels

Wheels consist of 4 tubes and a
cylindrical length of 20cm Wheel diameter 4.7cm The remaining tubes are to fix the wheels

Step 2:

The fixed shaft consists of a tube
column, a long square, connected to a support column.

Step 3:


Step 4:

9.19cmx9cm0 .65cm

Step 5:

0.92cm h 20cm

Step 6:

Wheel diameter 4.7cm

Step 7:


Step 8:


Step 9:


Step 10:

Add a spring to the platform can absorb
shock slower or jump higher Spring length 3.2cm

Step 11:

Finally make up a skateboard, skateboard
there's a daughter-in-law.

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