Introduction: Skateboard Modeling

My skateboard is mainly made up of plates, joints, and wheels. Unlike ordinary skateboards, I added some ideas to them.

Step 1: Board Structure

My skateboard is mainly composed of ten rectangular wood blocks and twenty cylindrical wood blocks. In the design drawing, for the convenience of distinguishing, I used two different colors, and in the actual construction, it can be selected to be pressed by multiple boards, so as to enhance the toughness of the board surface and prevent the board surface from breaking during sliding and action.

Step 2: Joints and Wheels

As shown in figure 1, I use a pipe to connect the wheel with the axle. This design can make the wheel move more smoothly, reduce the friction resistance between the wheel and the axle, and make the skateboard more smooth in the sliding process.As shown in figure 2 and figure 3, I use triangles. As we all know, triangles are the most solid shapes, so this design can make my skateboard more solid and not easy to break.

Step 3: Board Decoration

I used the letters and typed the TINKERCAD and the initials of my name WXT . This can make the skateboard more personalized.

Step 4: Panorama of Skateboard

Let's look at my skateboard from all angles.

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