Introduction: Skateboard Shelves

I had two old spare skateboards that I did not know what to do with... I eventually decided to create some shelves for my little boys bedroom :)

Step 1: Create Pieces for 2xBrackets (and Prep for Welding)

I looked at different options and possibilities to hang the skateboard on the wall. I wanted a solution that is not only clean, but also strong ! All brackets and solutions offered for normal "evey-day" shelves, I either did not like, were not strong enough, did not look nice (looked a bit thrown together) when used with the boards etc ....

I decided the only way to achieve what I wanted was to create custom brackets from some steel I had.

Step 2: Weld the Bracket Pieces Together

Brackets all welded and prepped ready for mockup ...

Step 3: Mockup ...

Before painting the brackets, I decided to do a quick "mock-up" (build the shelves as a test run) to identify (and fix) any problems that may exist... This is always a good idea, even for such simple projects, however in my case (luckily) it all looked good and to plan

Step 4: Drill Some Holes for Mounting Shelves on Wall

I realized that the brackets need to be somehow mounted the walls. For this I simply prepared and drilled (and sank) 2 holes on each bracket - 4 in total.

I wanted the screws to be embedded into the brackets as neatly as possible to keep with a clean solution so I created sink holes for the screw heads to sit

Step 5: Clean, Prepare, Prime and Paint Brackets....

Brackets all primed and painted. I used a couple of coats of primers (sanded between coats) and a few more coats of final paint in glass black (all from a can). I am really happy with the result !

Step 6: Final Assembly

.... and finished !

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