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Introduction: Skateboard Dolly for a DSLR

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This is a small skateboard dolly setup for dslr or smaller cameras. I could not find any instructables about it so I thought I would document my own build process.

This is a video recorded with the dolly:

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need the following materials:
  • Aluminium plate.
  • Skateboard wheels and trucks.
  • Tripod head (I used one from an old tripod).
  • A screw to mount the tripod head and basic skateboard bolts and nuts.
  • Two nut and two bolts.

Look at the third picture for tools. I used a Proxon table saw to cut the aluminium plate.

Step 2: Build It

Steps to build it:
  • Cut out the aluminium.
  • Drill holes (Use a marker etc. to find the places).
  • Mount the small plates on the trucks.
  • Mount the trucks on the big plate and use washers between them (I used a coin).
  • Mount the tripod head onto the plate.
The plate between the trucks and the big plate enables you to rotate the wheels hence making circular motions as well.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    cool, gonna make one this week. Any reason not to just use a small (say 21 inch) skateboard?