Introduction: Skateboard Recycled Into Shelves

I found this small skateboard near our trash cans and decided I could definitely use this for something creative. I chose to clean, paint cut and hang the board on my wall as shelves. The skateboard I found looked something like the one in the picture.

What you will need:


shelf brackets

small screws



paint and varnish (optional)

Step 1: Striping Down the Board

If your board is in great shape you might wanna skip this step and the next.

However, if your board is trashed you can take out the wheels with a wrench and screwdriver, clean all the dirt and extra plastic stuck there and peel the old cover. I recommend rinsing the board in water, covering it with a paper towel and ironing it. The sticker will be soft and so will the glue. You can use sanding paper to get out the last stubborn parts.

Step 2: Paint and Varnish

Again, this step is optional, you can leave the original boards design or even the clear wood design.

If you choose to paint your board you can either use spray paint which is simple and has a glossy look or use acrylic paint (like I did) and then cover it with clear gloss (available in spay form, very easy).

In the pictures you can see I marked my cutting line before I painted, then the line got covered and I had to do it again. So, I recommend marking the line after painting (you could cut in an angle or a straight cut if you prefer).

Step 3: Cut the Board and Add the Brackets

After using the saw to cut the board in whatever way you chose connect the brackets (get small ones) to the board and add the wheels (you might want to wait with the wheels to make attaching the shelves to the wall easier).

Step 4: Hang the Shelves and Decorate

I had problems attaching the shelves to the wall due to my walls being what they are. You can attach your shelves straight to wall if you want or attach them to a piece of wood (I recycled an old cabinet door) then hang that on the wall with hooks. You can use cable holders to secure a ring of some sort to the top of the back board (I recycled mine from a used belt) and then hang the whole thing on picture hangers (reinforced with an extra nail due to the weight).

Decorate the shelves with candles, flowers, bottles and all kinds of things and enjoy.

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