Introduction: Skateboarding Introduction

I am a novice

Step 1: Put a Cuboid

At first, put a cuboid on the work plane,reduce its height and make a appropriate length and width.

Step 2: I Put Another Coboid

Then,I put another coboid,which has the same height and length as the first one.Just press Alt(or Opt in Mac’s keyboard)to copy the same one.

Step 3: Put a Coboid

After that,put a coboid that has the same size as the central one,just ruduce its length .Then copy it to have a same one.

Step 4: As Shown in Figure

Put a cut cylinder,set its arc to 90,and set a same height as the board.Set cylinder’s radius same as the width of shorter cubiod.Put four cuboids that have the proper length and height to fit the cylinder,meanwhile,put the four around the board.As shown in figure:

Step 5: ​Place Text

Place text on the surface of the main board and input ZZULI,set a hollow form of the text.

Step 6: Make Wheels

Make a slender cylinder as the connected part of the wheels,and put a coboid at both sides of the cylinder to make up one part.Then copy a same part.

Step 7: Finally

Finally,conbine all parts together,you can get a skate!