Introduction: Skateboarding: Setup and Styles

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A guide to help skaters choose what setup to have for the different styles of skating.

Step 1: Decide What Kind of Skater You Are.

VERT: This type of Skater is basically what Tony Hawk is, Someone who skates huge, vertical (Hence the name Vert-icle) ramps and doing rad tricks like a 900 or a giant spin like it. X-Games Skaters are usually Vert Skaters because they skate massive ramps and do crazy spins.

CRUISING: This type of Skating is an older style of the sport, and is more about having fun going fast than doing tricks. These Skaters use fish -decks (the ones with a fat, pointy nose) and extremely large wheels for superior grip and turning. These guys don't do a lot of tricks, so the coolest one is probably a 360 shove-it, they mostly just ride around fast.

STREET:Easily the most common and by far my favorite Skater, because I am one. They do crazy flips and grinds, like the Tre flip, or the backside tailslide, and often hurt themeselves , the reason cops will tell you to get going from a good skate spot , so you don't sue the establishment if you get hurt.

PARK: A combo of Vert and Street style Skater, Who skate at parks , transfer bowls and gap stolen street barrels. They will usually add found/stolen items to the park to incorperate them into the layout of the park and ollie over them, or sometimes even grind on them.

Step 2: Vert Setup

Trucks: 5.0 Mids
Wheels: 55-65 mm. 95-99d
Deck: 7.5-8.5
Bearings: Bones Swiss or a really high ABEC

Step 3: Cruising Setup

Trucks: 7.5 Highs (to avoid wheelbite)
Wheels:70-85mm,66-77d(Jelly-Wheels, so if you hit a pebble at 35mph you don't fall off).
Deck:8.5-10.5(Very Wide)
Bearings-Bones Swiss

Step 4: Street/Park Setup

Trucks: 5.0 lows-mids(mids if you wanna skate Park)
Wheels: 50-55mm,99d
Deck: Whatever feels comfortable to your foot size(I use 7.5,but its weird cause I have size 12 feet).
Bearings: Bones Swiss again