Introduction: Skaters Camera Handle

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Here is a instructable on how to make your very own skaters handle. this camera handle is great for mounting your camera on and getting those awesome low to the ground shots.

Here is TeacherOfTheWays skating, he is being filmed with the new camera handle!

Step 1: Gather Materials

-Allen wrench
-scooter handle
-bicycle wall mount
-tripod screw

Step 2: Prepare the Handle

-get a hammer and flatten about two inches past the first hole(or however big your camera is)
-one flattened remove the yellow cap from other end

Step 3: Attach Handle

- get the scooter handle and measure where to drill
- once the correct correct spot is found then use the correct size bit to drill the hole in your bike mount
- you can put some electrical tape around the scooter handle to make it more secure
- then attach your scooter handle

-then insert the bolt into the bottom of your bike mount


- attach your camera onto the screw making sure to make it secure

- have fun making videos!!!!!!