Introduction: Skeleton Slot Yagi Stack

2m Skeleton Slot yagi Stack

145MHz Skeleton Slot yagi Stack 145MHz Slot yagi

The skeleton slot was developed in the UK for TV use soon after WW2. Someone had worked with
slot aerials on aircraft, and the use of a half wave vertical slot in a very large piece of sheet metal, results in radiation very much the same as a horizontal dipole. They then set out to find out how much you could reduce the metal around the slot, and have it still radiate. Pictures of 2m version

The skeleton slot provide an ingenious to feed two stack yagi antennas her is my design

Step 1: Skeleton Slot Radiator

Step 2: Skeleton Slot Radiator Loop

Step 3: Tapered Matching Section

This antennas efficiently and achieve a good impedance match.

Step 4: Making the Element Holder EH789

Step 5: Main Mast Bracket MB456

Step 6: Main Boom Spacing MM123

Step 7: Element Length ER-ED4

Step 8: ​Element Mounting to Boom

Check all dimensions for proper placement on the boom and element

Step 9: