Introduction: Skeleton Tea Party Decorations

The skeleton tea party decorations are a perfect blend of elegance and spookiness. There is total creative freedom in these decorations, but this Instructable shows how I decorated. This is how to do one table but there is a possibility of creating more than one table for a bigger decoration. There is also a possibility of creating other designs such as pirates, farmers, dinner party, wedding, etc.


- 3 plastic skeletons(From Walgreens)

From Thrift Store:

-1 dress

-2 dress shirts

-1 blazer

-2 dress pants

-1 tie

-1 Fancy towel

-1 fancy women’s hat

- two brooches

-one men’s fancy hat

-2 teacups and plates(they don’t need to be in good condition)

-2 plates(they don’t need to be in good condition)

-2 teapots(they don’t need to be in good condition)

From Hardware stores/online:

-Two plastic/foam pastries(online)

-12 ft of planks of wood per table

-3ft by 3ft plywood board per table

-red outdoor lights(optional)

-extension cord

-table cloths(fancy and crochets)

-any other accessories(bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.)

- fog machine(optional)

-10 zip ties

-4-foot electric pipe

- 1 screwdriver

-2 chairs per table

-3 wigs(one woman and 2 men)

-5 safety pins

-8 in of elastic string per hat

-3 in of velcro per wig

Step 1: Building the Table

You can either make your table or you may use an already made table

  1. Using a jigsaw cut a circle out of plywood with a diameter of 3 ft.
  2. Cut four boards that are 3 ft long with a 30-degree angle at both ends(see image 2)
  3. Screw the boards at an X(see image 2)
  4. Cut a foot long board with straight ends at both sides
  5. Screw the foot-long board between the two X’s(see image 3)
  6. Attach the bottom to the plywood circle

Step 2: Setting Up the Table(s)

  1. Place the table(s) in the location of your decorations
  2. Put two chairs on either side
  3. Place table cloths on the table

Step 3: Dressing Up the Skeletons

  1. Place the skeletons in the clothes
  2. Tailor the clothes to the skeletons using safety pins
  3. Attach elastic to the bottom of the hats(see image 10)
  4. Attach 1.5 in of velcro to the top of the skeletons’ head and on the bottom of a wig(see images 11/12)
  5. Attach the wigs to the skeletons and place on the hats
  6. Add any accessories
  7. Put the skeletons on the chairs

Step 4: Setting the Table

  1. Place the teacups, plates, teapots, etc. on the table

Step 5: Setting Up the Skeletons Waiter

  1. Drill 3, 1/2 in holes at the top of the poles
  2. Hammer in the pole into the ground
  3. Dress the waiter
  4. Place the skeleton in the pole through one leg
  5. Unbutton the dress shirt
  6. Place a zip tie in the hole and attach to the rip cage(see image 3)
  7. Button the dress shirt
  8. Safety pin the sleeve to the shirt so that it looks like image 4
  9. Place a towel on the arm

Step 6: Add Lights

  1. Add lights under the table
  2. Using extension cords run the lights to the outdoor outlets
  3. Optional: add fog machines

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Halloween Decorations

You may recycle the skeletons and clothes for different themes each year. For example there may be pirates, wedding, farmers, dinner parties etc.

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