Introduction: Loosely Pencil a Form

In this first act, don't grip it tightly, and move quickly...your hand will give the correct form. Here we have the option to draw a lioness or add the mane.

Step 1: Sharpen the Pencil Drawing

Before moving to ink, get a better picture of your subject.

I went with the King of the Jungle, and added a mane. This is a little more controlled and deliberate, but don't get too focused...remember that you have an eraser.

Step 2: Ink Over the Pencil

Pretty straightforward, try to make the lines variable width.

This will give some excitement to the piece.

Step 3: Add Shading

This will create depth and a bit of reality for the image.

Don't overdo it, the colors will help a lot here as well.

Step 4: Color Your Lion

First get the three or four color fields completed.

Next, layer other tones and accent colors.

Step 5: Add a Background

Here, I wanted to depict a sense that the Lion was rushing off of the page.

The easily placed perspective lines delivers that effect.