Introduction: Sketch Stool

Is it possible to design a fashionable stool in two clicks? No, but for 5-10 clicks - maybe.
Today we will try to do this in a cool open source program for quick sketching and fabrication of furniture - SketchChair.

Step 1: Download SKETCHCHAIR

On the official website you can download it to see ready-made designs, as well as a few lessons. But then come back here!

Step 2: Drawing a Stool

When you open the program, you will see a man in the center of the screen - this is a special character who will test your chair or stool for stability. When we draw a stool, the little man needs to be seated on it and click play in the upper left corner. Until we drew a stool, the man can be hidden, but with him it is easier to navigate with dimensions.

Step 3: Start to Draw!

Select a brush in the menu below, choose size and its type (cap style) - with the cut off end.

In the picture, the necessary parameters are highlighted in blue.

You can start drawing the side view of the stool with the left mouse button on the screen. This program is wonderful in that you can send a funny sloppy sketch to production, which turned out without much effort.

The program automatically turns the sketch into a three-dimensional object.

If you want to change the shape of what happened, press the SELECT button in the menu next to the BRUSH and move the line on the screen in the direction you need.

It's funny!

Step 4: Сontinue to Draw

Look at the useful menu at the top of the screen on the left - there are Play / Stop options, they are needed in order to test the chair for stability after you draw. Next is the MOVE icon, and the last one is the CAMERA. If you click on the camera, you can twist the stool in volume and see what happened.

At this time, you can set the width of the stool, this can be done in the LAYERS menu. Also, you can change the number of slots and their location; you can do this in the SLICES tab in the menu below.

Step 5: Preparing the File for Milling

When you finish drawing, this sketch can be turned into a drawing for the milling machine. To do this, you need to specify the parameters of our material from which we want to make a stool, as well as the dimensions of the sheet and the style of the slots.

On the website at the end of this short lesson is a good example of settings for cutting:

Well, therefore, we learned that from a simple fun sketch you can make a finished product without much effort!:)