Introduction: Sketchup- How to Make a House

I am going to explain to you how to make a three dimensional house using the tools on Sketchup 

Step 1: Step 1- What to Do With the Girl..

Once you have a new window open, you will see a girl standing next to the axes.  You are going to want to get rid of her to make room for your house. To do so:

a. click the select tool (when you scroll your mouse over the different tools, that name of it will show up)
b. click on the girl to select her.
c. hit the delete button on key board.

Step 2: Step 2- Making He Base of the House

a. select the "shape" tool 
b. click once on the origin (where all axes meet). you will see a yellow dot.
c. drag mouse diagonally out on the same plain to the size you want.
d. click the mouse when you have the size and shape you desire.
e. If you do not like the shape that you have already made, you can use the "move" tool to grab a side and move it.

Here you now have a flat shape or the base of  the house.

Step 3: Step 3- Making the "living Space" of the House

First you're going to want to duplicate the shape that you have already made. to do this you will:

a. select that "move" tool
b.  hover the tool over the shape but do not click it.  you should see a dotted pattern covering the shape.
c. click copy then paste.
d. A second shape should appear.
e. when you see the second shape, move it so that the front left corner is lined up with the blue axis. 
f. Drag the shape up as high as you want your house to be.  This will mark where the base of your roof will be.

Next, you are going to need to make the walls.

a. select the "line" tool.
b. Take this tool and click it on one corner of the bottom shape.
c.  then click it onto the corner hovering directly above it.
d. Once you have created your first line, click escape on your keyboard.
e. Repeat steps c and d to all four sides.  When you do this, walls will show up on your house.  
f. If you saved your back left corner for last, you can use the "orbit" tool to change your view and circle around your shapes.

Step 4: Step 4- Adding a Roof

We are now going to make the roof.

a. start with the "line" tool
b. click on one of the top corners of the house. Recommended- when doing these next few steps, be sure to apply these actions on the side of your house, not the front.
c. drag your mouse to the canter of the shape.  a dotted line should appear once you've reached the center mark.
d. Then bring your mouse up to the height you would like your roof to be.  
e. when you've reached the desired height, click.
f. then bring your mouse and line to the corner on this same side. A wall should appear.
g. Go to the opposite side of the house.  When you are there, click on the peak of the roof piece you just made.  
h. Drag that line to the center of the face that is closest to you.
i. Once you have it to the correct spot, (centered and straight) you can then click.
j. keeping the line attached to that point, drag it down to one of the corners that are closest to you. A wall will appear.
k. hit escape. 
l. then click the top peak of the roof and drag the last line to the remaining corner. Your roof will now be complete

Step 5: Step 5- Adding Windows and Doors

This next part is all based on preference.  The image below shows my house with two windows and a door.  You can do as many or as little of these features as you would like.

To make either a window or a door, all you are going to do is:
a. select the shape tool. Here you can play around with the different types of shapes.
b. On the front of the house, create a shape by clicking, dragging, then clicking once more.
c.  Repeat until you have all windows and doors you would like.
d. If you desire, you can then concave or convex these shapes with the "push/pull" tool.

Step 6: Step 6- Adding Color

To add color to your almost finished piece, you will need to do the following:

a. Select the "paint bucket" tool.
b. A color window will appear.  Choose the color you would like to use.
c. Then put your paint bucket cursor over the section you would like to paint and click.
d. Continue until all surfaces are covered or however desires.

Step 7: Final Product!

After you are finished painting, your house is complete! Don't forget to save your final product!