Introduction: Skewer Bow

This is how to make a semi powerful bow out of skewers, whether it be Version 1,2,or 3.
If you have any problems just leave a comment.

Step 1: What You Need

1. 5 skewers per bundle
2. a couple of skewers for an arrow
3. lots of twine
4. some type of glue
5. 1-3 multi color (or not) craft feathers
6. packing tape to hold the arrow together
7. scissors or a knife

Step 2: The Body of the Bow

So, to make the body of the bow tie 5 of the skewers together (I used a clove hitch then wrapped the twine around until I had just enough to tie another clove hitch) it doesn't matter how it's tied as long as it's tight.

Step 3: The Bow String

For the bow string you want to take another piece of twine and tie slip knots on one end and then attach it to one end of the bow. Then stretch it and Put the other end's slipknot on the opposite end.

Step 4: The Arrow

The arrow is pretty simple, just take the sixth skewer and cut off the sharp end about 5" down.

Step 5: How to Make It Into an Actual Long Bow (version 2)

To make it bigger you can make more of the bundles and using the same knot tie them together. Then to make the arrow bigger take two or more skewers and use some sort of tape to attach them together. Then, to add fletchings get some where between 1 and 3 of those craft feathers (the multi color kind) depending on how colorful you want it. Attach the feathers with any type of glue.

Step 6: My Epic Awesome Version 3

This is my third and for now best version.

Step 7: You're Done!

Enjoy your new mini (or normal size) long bow and please comment on my first instructable and give me some feedback. Also, remember that after a while it will ware out and you might have to do some maintenance retying or you may have to just get rid of it.

I am NOT liable for any injuries caused by this, so don't get mad at me if you kill anyone which is not likely, but still!