Introduction: Ski Bow

i searched for a plan to build bows out of skis, but i only could find find examples made of cross coutry skis. so i decided to build one my own way.

i forgot to make step-by-step pictures.
so this instructional is just to inspire you building your own bow :)

Step 1: Needs

i've needed two old skis, plywood, woodglue, hex nuts, threaded rods, a golfball, paracord, woodstain and wood wax.
the tools i've used were a drill, a metal saw, a belt sander, a handed angle grinder with serrated discs, a planing machine and clamps.

Step 2: Bow Pictures

Step 3: How To

i'm to lazy to write down how to build this bow :D
you'll understand this construction autididactic by looking at the pictures above.

ski poles are potential arrows, but they won't fly as well as real arrows.

i hope i could inspire you to build your own bow out of old ski.

have a nice day !