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Introduction: Ski Pole Inclinometer

Print out the inclinometer ( and tape (packing tape, one piece of tape vertically, don’t wrap it because it’ll twist the image) to your ski pole for a quick reference guide. It should be 2" wide when it's printed out.

The problem with most inclinometers is there are in your pocket or your pack and hard to get to without at least some haste. There are also prone to breakage. This is not meant to replace those but only to be used when you think “I wonder what that slope is?” Now, you can check with some degree of accuracy and still keep on trucking.

Using the Inclinometer: Hold your pole up with the thumb and two fingers and let it plum and then sight across it to the slope.

If you want to pay $100 for one that straps onto your pole and also give you the temp or buy new $70 pole with this printed on it from the factory, you can still do that. But I’m frugal (my friends call me cheap).

I’ve been hoping that someone or some shop would take it and put their logo on it, get it made into a sticker and start giving them away (wouldn’t a logo look great on there?). If you do, please send me a hand full for me to spread around as a thank you for creating the file.

Contact me if you need it another file format or without the watermark.

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12 years ago on Introduction

 this is awesome!
I've been looking for something like this.
Maybe CAIC will make some stickers of these.


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

I contacted CAIC and never heard back :(