Introduction: Ski Pole Thermometer

Have you ever been skiing and wanted to know just how cold it is? I like to know the temp so that I can judge for the future how to dress for the conditions. Here is an easy way to bring a thermometer with you - apply a liquid crystal thermometer strip to the pole.

This one from Omega is 5-inches long, 1/2 inch wide. It has 2 degF steps and works for 26 to 56 deg Fahrenheit. The temperature square becomes green to indicate temperature (blue means slightly lower and brown means slightly higher than true readings)

They only sell them in a pack of 10 but I have extras if you only need a single strip ($3/each - contact me through the website).


Step 1: Step 1: Clean the Ski Pole

Take an old sock or rag; get it wet with rubbing alcohol and wipe off the ski pole. Make sure it has time to dry. The alcohol evaporates quickly but you can also wipe it with a clean dry rag, too. (Do this in a well ventilated area - sniffing too much of that will give you a headache.)

Step 2: Step 2: Apply the Thermometer

Peel off the backing to the liquid crystal thermometer strip and apply the strip to the pole. You'll notice that the strip is rather rigid and won't adhere real well to the pole (i.e. the edges of the strip won't stick to the pole since it cannot follow the curvature of the pole).

Use 2" clear packing tape or even better, use a weather strip tape to wrap around the pole and over the thermometer strip. Home Depot sells a couple of types of clear plastic "weatherstrip" tape for securing storm windows. The beauty about weatherstrip tape is that it is rated for cold weather so it will still stick to your pole. It appears Frostking has the better reviews (both are approx $8):

If you look closely at my photo, you'll see I wrapped the pole in 3 sections; making sure the tape wrapped back over itself.

Step 3: Step 3: Go Skiing!

You should be set to use the thermometer so have fun an enjoy checking just how cold it is.