Introduction: Ski Rack From 2x4 and Plywood

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I couldn't find dimensions for this type of ski rack when I decided to make one so thought it would be helpful to publish this. The rack is designed to fit some fairly wide powder skis but accommodates race skis, XC skis and others.

It is designed to hold 4 pairs of skis and be freestanding, independent of any wall. It requires a fairly flat surface. The design accommodates a boot tray such as this one from Home Hardware, so that the ski rack can be used inside without ice and snow melting onto carpet.

The Sketchup file is included. Please feel free to use/modify in any manner you choose. I am by no means a woodworking/carpentry expert so if someone with more experience has ideas for how to improve this please comment/republish accordingly.

Step 1: Cutting List

Lengths of 2x4

  • 18" - Quantity: 2
  • 14.5" - Quantity: 2
  • 16" - Quantity: 2 - trim ends to 45 degrees (one side is 16", the other is 9")
  • 4.75" - Quantity: 3
  • 3.5" - Quantity: 3

5/8" Plywood

  • Length: 33" by Height: 4" - Quantity: 4
  • Length: 1.5" by Height: 4" - Quantity: 4

Plus: 1.5" and 2.5" wood screws.

Tools I used: Drill (for pilot holes), Impact Driver, Awl, Pencil, Measuring Tape, Persephone Pale Ale.

NB: Photo is of the pile of lumber I started with, not the finished cut pieces.

Step 2: Basic Dimensions

Open the Sketchup file to get detailed dimensions if this screenshot isn't sufficient.

Step 3: Uprights & Plywood Strip

Start with the 14.5" uprights and fix one of the 33" plywood strips across, ensuring it is square.

Step 4: 3.5" Dividers

Install the 3.5" dividers with two screws each to create 4 gaps of equal size: 6 3/8"

Add the 1.5" spacers with a single screw in the centre of the piece.

Step 5: Lower Panel

Install the 33" plywood strip on the other side of the top dividers to complete that section.

Install a third 33" plywood strip to the bottom part, against the 1.5" plywood spacers (note that the single screw used to hold the 1.5" spacer allows for two screws to install the 33" strip that go through the 1.5" spacer and into the 2x4.)

Not pictured, complete the process as before with the 4.75" dividers on the bottom strip.

Step 6: Legs

Install 18" legs with 2x2.5" screws in each (from underneath). Note that the upright assembly is not centred on this piece. Legs extend 4" at the back and are longer in the front. to accommodate the angled piece that some next.

Step 7: Diagonal Supports

Using 4x2.5" screws, attach the 16" diagonal supports to the 14.5" uprights.

Attach the diagonal supports to the legs with 2x2.5" screws (1 from the top, 1 from the underside).

Step 8: Moment of Truth

Time to test your new ski rack! If the dimensions work out well, it'll be tight to get the pair of skis through the top part of the rack. The lower part should accommodate them well and nothing should fall over. If needed, you can include the boot tray underneath to catch any snowmelt.