Introduction: Skittles Creations

Do you like to craft? Do you like candy? Do you like eating things you create? Then you'll like this project. In this craft we are making things out of Skittles that you can eat anytime. We will do an easy medium and hard sculture..


Skittles and any other things you'll be meeting to make sculptures including your hands a hammer water a pencil or anything else that comes to mind.

Step 1: Easy : a Hamburger

1 gently flatten two orange or yellow skittles to make the bun
2 flatten multicolored skittles to make toppings
3assemble your burger anyway you like get creative and make what you like

Step 2: Medium : a Target

1 take three skittles of the same color and flatten them together in one large circle
2 take two skittles of the same color and flatten them into a medium circle
3 take one skittle and flatten it into a small Circle
4 pile the circles on top of each other and add a final skittle on top

Step 3: Hard : Sushi

1Make the target
2 flatten it really good
3 Roll it
4 cut it into sushi rolls

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