Introduction: Skoda Fabia Mk1 LED Dashboard Lighting Conversion

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A how-to on replacing the lighting in a MK1 Skoda Fabia dash cluster

Step 1: Getting In

Gently lift the 8 clips to remove front cover

Step 2: Needle Removal

Gently pry off the the 4 needles

Step 3: Panel Removal

Remove the front panel

Step 4: What You Are Left With

Step 5: Remove the Screen Cages and Plastic Panel Carrier

remove the cages by bending the metal prongs so they fit through the pcb then release all the plastic clips holding the panel carrier to the pcb

Step 6: Disassembly

main parts

Step 7: Lights

Marked in the picture are the bulbs you will need to remove and replace with 3528 SMD bulbs of your colour choice

Step 8: Soldering

Unsolder the old SMDs and solder in the new bulbs taking note of correct polarity

Step 9: Check

Test the board before reassembly by plugging it back into your car and reconnecting the battery and switching the lights on

'or plug it into a test rig if you have made one'

Step 10: Reassemble and Admire

Reassemble the instrument panel in reverse order of disassembly 'taking care to align the needles

I later added red mk4 VW Golf needles as seen in the illumination pictures