Introduction: Skull Surprise!

Skull Surprise is a devil and perfect way to scare anyone. The bright red eyes and the terrifying voice will make you run away from wherever you are...3,2,1....hahahaha...

Step 1: Electronic Parts, Materials and Tools

- Plastic skull (you can found them on Amazon)

- 1 Arduino UNO

- 1 Protoboard

- 1 DF Player

- Wires for Arduino

- 220 and 1k Ohm resistors

- 1 servo

- 1 ultrasonic distance sensor

- 1 speaker

- 1 tube

- 2 Red light LED

- 1 box (we used a methacrylate one)

- Silicone

- Plasticine

- Red makeup

Step 2: Schematic of Electrical Connections

Step 3: Flow Diagram + Code

Step 4: How to Build

- The first thing we have to do is mount all the circuit into the methacrylate box.

- The USB of the Arduino will have to go outside the box cutting part of the box. We will have to cut the top of the box as well for introducing the wires into the tube from the box to the skull

- On the one side of the skull we will have to put the speaker, hidden, and the red LED lights on the eyes. We will attach. both things with silicone.

- After that, we will put the servomotor between the tube and the skull, sticking the moving part of the servo to the skull.

- The ultrasonic distance sensor will be projected from on the behind of the box (the face of the skull should be turned).

- Now it's the moment to install the micro SD that allows to use the speaker with the sound saved.

- Finally, we will make the adornments. We are going to do the body shape with wires, which we will cover them with a fabric. The blood and the skin it will be plasticine and red color, making skin patches as you want.

Step 5: Conclusion

This project has been a good way to put in practice our knowledge of Arduino and other components like the ultrasonic distance sensor or the speaker, and design the idea around the circuit. Also, we can understand more the huge possibilities of Arduino and how to apply to another type of projects.

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