Skunkbait's Keep Em Barefoot and Pretty, Irreverent Happy Feet of Righteousness (monster Feet Slippers)




Introduction: Skunkbait's Keep Em Barefoot and Pretty, Irreverent Happy Feet of Righteousness (monster Feet Slippers)

What can be more fun than running around with giant feet? You can with these giant feet slippers for your little monster. Here is Caitlin kickin back at Grandma's house with her big dawgs.

You can get giant slippers with monster themes but why not just make them giant human feet? This instructable will show you how to make a pair of giant feet slippers for kids of all ages.

Maybe I can get Instructables member Tool Using Animal to see if wearing them will impress the ladies.

Please address all concerns to Instructables member Skunkbait who inspired the title and who you can ask the meaning of living the good life.

Step 1: Basic Materials

This project is easier to do if you have a sewing machine with a free-arm option. Don't worry, this can all be hand sewn, it just takes a little longer. Only a basic straight stitch is involved or if you want to, a binding or locking type of blanket stitch can be done.

Search for the other sewing instructables if you want to learn how to sew.

You will need:

some flat thin cardboard to use as the slipper stiffener
a pair of adult sized quarter-style socks - ones that don't show the sock when you wear them in shoes
some fleece or fabric in some flesh tone color
some felt scraps to use for decoration as the toenails
fiberfill or scrap material to stuff in toes

needle and thread or sewing machine

Step 2: Get Ready to Cobble...

Have someone with big feet put on the pair of quarter-socks. We are using an adult size pair of socks so it will be good and roomy for a kid to wear.

Place feet on the thin cardboard and trace around the feet.

Make the tracing about an inch larger than the actual foot size. The will give use room for seam allowance and just makes for a bigger and more fun pair of slippers.

Cut out the foot patterns. You can also trace around someone's pair of shoes if you do not have a foot model.

No need to be too accurate with our measurements, it all works out looking great in the end.

Step 3: Put Your Left Foot In, Take Your Left Foot Out...

As we construct the slippers, we will be doing everything inside out so that where we sew, it will create a nice finished seam when the object is flipped inside out.

Double over a piece of material so that we can mark and cut out the top and bottom of the slipper.

Place your sock tracing templates over the material.

Now flip over the templates. We are working inside out so all of the markings will not show up in the finished product.

Draw a big foot around the template, keep in mind where the big toe should be. Also allow about an inch to 2 inches to make the foot bigger and for seam allowance.

Since you are looking at pictures of the prototype, I would suggest drawing the toes spread out a bit so you can easier sew them to cut apart. Give about a half inch between the toes.

Step 4: Put a Sock in It...

This is a tricky part if you do not have a sewing machine with a free-arm. We need to attach the sock as a sock liner for the slipper.

Draw a line from the back of the slipper that is two times the length of the cuff of the sock.

Cut the line.

The sock is positioned like in the picture. It needs to be sewn so that you have a nice seam with the sock on the inside of the slipper leaving a nice cuff exposed.

The tough part is that the cuff already is elasticized and gathered so you need to stretch it as you sew. It put some indicator marks at the middle front of the cuff and at the middle back of the cuff. I stretched it so I coud sew up each side up to the middle. You might want to tack it first at the midpoint and then sew from there.

Step 5: Heel, Heel...

Once you have the sock line sewn in correctly, you should have a cuff length of fabric left that goes to the heel.

Cut away a triangular piece where the heel is at the back of the sock.

Sew that seam and trim away the excess.

Step 6: Sew, Is It Ready Yet?

You are now ready to sew around the big foot.

Leave an opening in the back to be able to turn everything inside out and to slip in the cardboard stiffener.

Carefully sew around and make a double seam between the toes.

Cut between the toes to separate them.

Use a dowel, pencil, blunt object, chopsticks, drumsticks, to help push and turn the toes inside out.

Flip the whole thing inside out.

Step 7: This Little Piggy Went To...

Take some fiberfill and stuff the toes.

The entire foot does not need to be stuffed because the foot and sockliner will fill the slipper out.

You can wrap the cardboard stiffener with some fiberfill and then place it into the slipper.

Sew the seam closed.

Cut out toenails from bits of scrap felt.

Glue the toenails on and let dry.

You can now decorate your giant feet slippers any way you want. Toerings, anklets, tattoos, henna, etc.

Step 8: My, What Big Feet You Have...

There you have it, something for kids to lounge around in and have fun.

Wait, stick some Swiffer sheets to em and make the kids dust the house as they run around.

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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Make these with industrial strength velcro and just step on to your kiteboards. Look ma, no straps!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent! I might make a pair of these for Mrs. Skunkbait! Yay, for the Snoopy Happy Feet Dance!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, if you have happy shoes, you gotta have happy feet, and happy dawgs don't yelp. I would expect you to use deerskin lined with rabbit fur or something.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    HA ha. That's a thought. I definielty have enough deerhide. I'd have to get another bunny or two (we don't usually keep the fir). But also, where I work, they frequently throw out fairly large scraps of leather and sheepskin (used to make seats in $40 mill. corporate/private jets). They would make good barefoot and pudgy (for me not mrs skunk) slippers.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    They look comfy, and bonus, nail polish that won't chip!