Introduction: Sky Lantern | How to Make Sky Lantern | Hot Air Balloon


"Our planet is powered by a big, glowing orb in the sky, so it’s only natural that the human eye is drawn to things that glow." Let's make this awesome Sky lantern to make the Earth and Sky meet. Let's make it glow to make our relationship grow..!!

Let's start making..

In this project we will be making a Small Hot Air Balloon( Sky Lantern) with easily available materials at home. This is really easy project and can be made in much less time and much less money.

You can watch the below attached video easy understanding.


1) Color Paper.

2) Aluminium Foil

3) Plastic Straw

4) Transparent Tape

5) Cotton

6) Acetone/Kerosene or any other fuel.

7) A small container ( To Shape the aluminium Foil)

8) Copper wire ( any other Metal wire works just fine)

9) Thumb Pin


11) Glue

12) Knife

Step 2: Making the Burner

In this step we will be making the burner where we put fire to produce hot air. Hot air has Low Density compared to cold air and it rises above helping the sky lantern to rise up.

1) Cut a sheet of aluminium foil into required size.

2) Using a Small container like candle holder shape the aluminium foil as shown in the figure below.

3) Use cotton as the wick for the burner .

4) Acetone or Kerosene works really fine but you can use candle flame or also cooking oil.

Step 3: Making of Envelope

The bag like structure which holds the hot air in the balloon is known as " ENVELOPE " of Hot Air Balloon( Sky Lantern). It holds the Hot Air in the balloon.

1) The Color paper is folded into two equal halves.

2) Measure and mark the color paper in the shape of semi-diamond(with lower corner blunt) shape or as shown in the Image below.

3) Cut the color paper and make similar Four pieces.

4) The Edges of the color papers are glued to stick the papers and it forms a bag like structure.

Alternative_ U can also use News papers instead of color paper.

Step 4: Preparation of Frame and Burner Attachment.

1) Cut four Pieces of Plastic straw and similarly cut four small pieces .

2)The straws are arranged to square shape . Use small straw pieces in the corners to attach the Large straw pieces.

3) Use transparent adhesive tape to secure the frame.

Attaching the Burner to Frame_

1) Pierce four small holes in the burner using thumb pin Insert two copper wires in the holes made in the burner.

2) Tie the copper wires to the straw frame made earlier.

3) Secure the copper wires using Adhesive tape.

Alternative_ Light weight wooden stick or similar can be used for frame .

Step 5: Assembly

The Paper envelope and the frame has to be attached in this step. The things made in previous steps are assembled in this step.

  1. Place the paper envelope upright and stick the frame to it using adhesive tape.
  2. Make sure the size of frame and Envelope mouth matches.
  3. Cut small fins and attach them to the corners. This gives nice balance and great look for the balloon.

Step 6: Flying Time!!!!

We have successfully completed making and flying the Sky Lantern. That was awesome!!

You can share the images of your Sky Lanterns ( Hot Air Balloons) in the comments section by pressing the 'I Made It' Button.

Thank you

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