Introduction: Sky Lantern Form Waste Plastic Glasses

Make this DIY sky lantern to reuse our waste plastic glasses in appropriate way.In many events these glasses are used only for one time use and after that it becomes solid waste which creates pollution .Also these takes lot time to decompose so its easy way to recycle it with making models like this. Following are easy steps to make it .

Step 1: Material and Tools


1.Waste plastic glasses -As per requirement

2. Stapler pins

3. Zero volt bulb

4. Bulb holder and Pin


6. Fevi-col

7. Transparent color paper-Different colors





Step 2: Staple a Galsses

Start to build it from one glass ;attach other glasses to central glass with stapler as shown in figure .It will take flower shape .After that place one another glass in between space of other two .Keep uploading one by other and staple it with stapler and pins .It will take curved shape ,proceed this up to half circle .

Step 3: Cover It With Transparent Paper

After half circle completion paste a colored transparent paper on curved surface with Fevicol .Now start again to place a glasses on it one by one. Finally it will take circular shape with color paper inside .

Step 4: Put a Lamp Inside

Join a bulb holder with wire through tester at one end .Attach pin to other end .Now insert holder with bulb inside lamp through space between two glasses.Keep it at center and plug on .It will glows with colorful light .Now hang it in sky to show you made something different.