Introduction: Sky the Dog

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Wow okay, I haven't been on Instructables in ages! And lately I haven't really been doing any worthwhile crafts, but I wanted to post something.

So here is that something.

For people who don't know Sky the Dog is my mascot for this account.

Step 1: One Year Ago...

This is from approximately one year ago... Yeah, practicing makes a difference... Keep practicing, guys.

Step 2: Preparing the Drawing

Okay, do I even need to add captions for this, or can you just follow the pictures? I don't really know how to describe this. Draw a circle, and add a distorted cross shape. We will be erasing this later.

Step 3: FACE

Draw the face now. And the neck. All of that good stuff.

Step 4: Tuxedo

Draw his tuxedo now, because Sky is a secret agent dog. I came up with this a long time ago, don't judge me.

Step 5: Outlining

Outline Sky with a pen, and then erase the pencil marks.

Step 6: Coloring the Dog

Color Sky accordingly-

-His fur is yellow

-His tux, tie, eyes, eyebrows, and nose are black

-The inside of his ears and his tongue is pink

After you do that, then you are done! Congratulations. Comment a picture in the comment section if you draw him.

Also, tell me what you want to see some Instructables on!

Have a good day!

~Sky Productions