Introduction: Skylander Dreamlight Pillow Pet Costume

About: I am a SAHM who has always had a love of creating anything from scratch or reporposing items to fit our families needs.

As a mom, of three very active boys, I have my work cut out for me when Halloween time rolls around. I like to have a theme for the family and every year, my kids have very specific ideas on what characters they want to be for Halloween. I find that the options in the Halloween Stores are expensive, lack luster and are very cheaply made in China. So I design and hand make our family costumes every year. This year my son requested a Skylander character named "Snap Shot Croc." My second son requested to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. How could I make these two popular characters cohesive? That's when the idea occured to me, that every night as we shut the lights off for bedtime, we turn on our Dreamlight Pillow Pets. Ahha! They will be Pillow Pets that light up for the dark night of Halloween's Trick or Treating. The lights provide saftey on a dark night, the puffy pillows provide tons of warmth in the cold midwest nights and the fun of their now, favorite characters.

Step 1: Step 1. Measure and Cut

1. Using the Pattern Outlines, measure and cut your pattern pieces for the costume. The measurments of the Skylander Pattern Pieces are for chidren sizes 5-8.

You will need the following items along with the PDF patterns:

1 1/2 - 2 Yards Aqua Blue Botton fabric

1 Yard Aqua Blue Felt

1/2 Yard Royal Blue Felt

1/4 Yard Light Brown Felt

1/4 Yards Fuzzy Yellow fabric

Polyester Fiber-Fill

Straight Pins

Aqua and Royal Blue All-Purpose Thread

Fabric Scissors

1 Box LED Poster Board Light Strands

Step 2: Step 2. Create the Chest

1. With the 2 Aqua Felt Chest rectangles fold in half lengthwise.

2. Fold again widthwise creating 1/4 size rectangle.

3. Measure inwards 2.75 inches along the top edge and down the side 6 inches.

4. Connect from the top point to the side point in an arching line.

5. Cut along the line creating a flat edge elipse.

6. Open all folds.

7. Fold in half lengthwise and measure 3 inches in from the center fold line.

8. Measure upwards on the center fold 2 inches.

9. Cut a triangle between the two points.

10. Open to reveal the chest pieces.

11. Fold the two arm strips in half lengthwise.

12. Sandwich the arm strips between the two chest pieces on the left and right side, from top to bottom. Make sure the open seam is lined up, matching the chest pieces outer side seams.

13. Pin all three layers in place.

14. Starting at the bottom left corner stitch all layers in place ending at the bottom right corner.

15. Turn right side out.

16. Fold the open bottom seam under and pin in place.

17. Stitch closed.

18. Starting at the top of the chest, stitch verticle lines ending at the bottom, creating the look of crocodile skin.

Step 3: Step 3. Making the Front Pillow Pet Panel

1. Lay the Aqua Felt Back panel flat lengthwise.

2. Match the two Back Stuffing Arm strips on the left and right sides of the felt panel, with the outer seams flush.

3. Pin in place.

4. Stitch in place.

5. Open up two arm panels and smooth flat.

6. Lay the finished Chest Panel right side up on top of the aqua felt with arm strips you stitched in Steps 3.1-3.4.

7. Place the two End Strips on top of the Chest Panel lengthwise with the seams flush.

8. When pinning these End Strips in place be sure to leave a 3 inch section 6 inchs down from the top of the chest panel unpinned for the arm holes.

9. Pin in place on both the right and left sides.

10. Stitch closed.

11. Open the the newly stitched End Strips flat and you will see the Arm Holes.

12. The Front panel of your Pillow Pet Costume is finshed.

Step 4: Step 4. Make the Armor

1. Lay all four Brown Felt Armor Strips and two Brown Felt Shoulder Pads flat.

2. Lay the cooresponding Yellow Fuzzy patterns on top of the brown felt and pin in place.

3. Stitch all four Armor Strips leaving the wide ends open.

4. Stitch the two Shoulder Pads closed leaving a 2 inch section open.

5. Turn right side out.

6. Place one Shoulder Pad on top of one Armor Strip, right sides facing, and stitch together.

7. Place your Fluer de Lis on top of yellow fabric and pin in place.

8. Stich around the outside of Fluer leaving a 1-2 inch open.

9. Turn right side out, using a pointed end to push out seams.

10. Pin opening of Fluer and stich closed.

11. Pin your finished Fluer de Lis on top of aqua blue felt and pin in place.

12. Stich around the outer edge of the Fluer.

13. Cut away the excess aqua felt leaving a 1/4 border of felt to frame the yellow Fluer.

14. Using your Free Form Water Drop, place on top of a rounded 7x7 inch aqua blue felt square.

15. Stich around the border of the Water Drop.

16. With your Shoulder Pads you have attached to Armor in step 4.6 place the two ends of your right and left armor strips together at a point and place your Fluer de Lis on top and stich through all three layers. (You will connect the finished armor the front Chest in a later step).

17. On the opposite ends of the Armor Strips, place to a point and with your finisher Water Drop from step 4.14-4.15 attach to the ends of the Armor Strips through all three layers.

Step 5: Step 5. Make the Tail

1. Fold Blue Tail piece in half lengthwise and pin in place.

2. Stich a 1 inch straight line down the length of the felt on the open end.

3. Starting at the top of the blue felt stich a continuous zig zag to form the crocodile plates. Vary the peak and valley sizes, begining with larger triangles and slowly decreasing in size towards the oposite end of your blue felt tail.

4. Cut along the stich lines of your zig zag tail with a 1/4 inch border left.

5. Fold out your open end seams to stand up your crocodile plates (the plates will be attached to the light pack in step 6).

6. Place the two Aqua Felt Tail pieces on top of each other and pin in place.

7. Stich along the outside curved edge and stop at the tip of tail.

Step 6: Step 6. Making the Light Pack

1. Randomly trace several stars and 1 moon on your pre-cut poster board using a star and moon template (Be sure to leave a 1 inch untraced section down the vertical length of the poster board).

2. With an Xacto Knife carefully cut out your stars and moon.

3. Place the poster board on top of your Dark Blue Felt Tail Piece.

4. Trace the star and moon pattern on the felt.

5. Cut out the traced stars and moon with your fabric scissors.

6. Pin the small end of the Dark Blue Felt Tail Triangle to the bottom end of your stars and moon Light Pack piece.

7. Stich in place.

8. Open up the triangle and lay the star and moon and triangle tail, flat, right side facing up.

9. Place your crocodile plates down the vertical center of your star and moon and triangle tail section, pressing the open seam outwards on both sides of the plates.

10. Fold under the open seams of the plate section and pin to the stars and moon piece.

11. Stich in place.

12. Cut 6, 5 inch pieces of yarn or ribbon.

13. Stich the yarn down the length of the aqua blue rectangle light pack piece (the yarn pieces will hold the LED lights in place).

14. Place the Dark Blue Aqua star and moon, right sides facing.

15. Pin in place with all seams matching flush.

16. Place the Aqua Tail Piece stiched in step 5.6-5.7. at the Dark Blue Felt Tail piece.

17. Pin with the right sides facing in.

18. Fold over the triangular over hang at the bottom of the stars and moon piece.

19. Start at the Dark Blue Felt overhang that you pinned in step 18. Stich down the two sides of the tail triangles.

20. Turn the entire Light Pack and Tail right side out.

21. At the top of the Dark Blue star and moon felt pin the top hem over the edge creating the finished hem of the light pack.

Step 7: Step 7. Make the Pillow Pet Back Panel

1. Lay your Back Pillow Pattern piece flat.

2. Center your finished Light Pack/Tail vertically down the Back piece (leave your tail overhanging the bottom edge of the Back piece).

3. Pin the Light Pack in place.

4. Stich in place down the right and left sides of the Light Pack.

5. Stich horizontially across the right and left side of the blue felt Light Pack, at the end of the Aqua Felt Light Pack backing (Do Not stich the crocodile plates down. Begin and end the stich lines at the plates on both sides).

Step 8: Step 8. Make the Pillow Pet

1. Lay the Back Pillow Pet piece flat right side facing up.

2. Lay the Front Pillow Pet piece right side facing down on top of the Back piece.

3. Tuck the Tail inside the two layers to avoid sewing it in the wrong position.

4. Match all four sides of the Back and Front pieces to make your seams flush.

5. The Top piece will have excess fabric that you will need to pleat to make your Front piece match up to the Back pieces edges.

6. Pin all four sides leaving a 5 inch opening on one side.

7. Turn the pillow right side out through the opening left from step 8.6.

8. Stuff the Tail with poly-fill through the opening at the end of the light pack.

9. When the tail is full, pin the opening closed on both sides of the Tail.

10. Stich Tail closed.

Step 9: Step 9. Make the Hood

1. HOOD With the leftover Dark Blue Felt crocodile plate zig zag piece, lay flat open.

2. Fold in half lengthwise, matching up the points of the zig zags.

3. Pin in place.

4. Stich along the zig zag points leaving a 1/4 inch seam.

5. Lay one piece of the Hood pattern flat.

6. Lay the stiched Dark Blue Felt crocodile plates on top of the Hood piece with the plate points inward.

7. Lay the second Hood pattern piece, right side down, on top of the hood and crocodile plate felt.

8. Pin through all three layers, making sure the Dark Blue Felt plates are flush with the Hood piece edges.

9. Stich closed.

10. Turn the Hood right side out.

11. Lay the Hood Edge Lining flat.

12. Fold in half lengthwise.

13. Match up the center point of the folded Hood Liner to the center point of the Hood, with the folded seam facing inwards and the open seams lined up flush with the Hood edge.

14. Pin in place working your way outwards to the end on both sides of the Hood.

15. Stich in place.

16. Press the Hood Liner out flat.

HORNS17. Lay two Horn Patterns flat.

18. Lay the last two Horn Patterns on top of the your first two Horns.

19. Pin in place.

20. Stich around the outside of the Horns starting at the flat end and stopping at the Horn Tips.

21. Open the Horns and attach the Rounded Triangle Horn piece with pins, starting at the Horn Tips, matching up all seam edges flush (there will be excess fabric at the bottom end of the triangle).

22. Stich around the Horn Starting at the end of one side and ending on the opposite end, leaving the bottom of the Horn open.

23. Repeat step 22 for the second Horn.

24.Turn the Horns right side out.

EYES 25. Lay the two Yellow Eye Circles flat.

26. Center the two Dark Blue Felt Pupils on top of the two Yellow Eyes.

27. Pin in place.

28. Stich around the Dark Blue felt to secure the Pupils in place.

29. Place the two Brown Felt Circles on top of the Eyes facing up.

30. Pin the brown felt at postions 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, with the edges of both the brown felt and yellow eyes matching flush.

31. Pleat the fabric at positions 1, 4 and 7 o'clock, leaving 10 and 11 o'clock open.

32. Stich around the eyes leaving the 10 and 11 o'clock positions open.

33. Turn rightside out.

34. Stuff the eyes with poly-fill.

35. Turn under the open ends of the eyes and pin closed.

36. Stich openings closed.

ATTACHING THE EYES AND HORNS 37. Postion the eyes on the seam of the Hood lining at 1 and 11 o'clock and pin in place.

38. Stich around the circumference of the eyes.

39. Stuff the Horns with Poly-Fill.

40. Turn under the excess fabric on the open bottom end of the Horns.

41. Pin in place on the crown of the Hood at 2 and 10 o'clock.

42. Stich around the circumference of the Horns. ATTACHING THE HOOD TO THE PILLOW PET

43. Center the unfinished seam of the Hood to the backside of the Pillow Pet Costume with the right sides of the fabric facing in.

44. Pin in place.

45. Stich the Hood to the Costume.

Step 10: Step 10. Attaching the Armor

1. Holding the Shoulder Pads in your hand, pinch the Yellow fabric in one hand and pinch the Brown felt in the other hand, pulling the fabrics apart to have the brown felt pinched enough to attach it to the shoulder's edge/corner of the Pillow Pet.

2. Pin both Shoulder Pads underside-Brown Felt in place to the right and left top corners of the Pillow Pet (make sure the Fleur de Lis is on the front side of the Pillow Pet.

3. Stich the Shoulder Pads in Place.

4. Place the Armor Strips over the front of the Costume and Center the Fleur de Lis to the Chest piece.

5. Stich the Armor Strip under the Fleur de Lis to the Chest of the costume.

6. Fold the Back Armor Strips over the back of the Costume (the Water Drop symbol will not be attached permanently).

Step 11: Step 11. Close the Pillow Pet Costume and Add Lights

1. Stuff the Pillow Pet with Poly-Fill through the hole left open in step 8.6, until reached desired thickness.

2. Turn under the the edges opening and pin closed. 3. Stich closed the opening.

Tie the LED Poster Board Lights inside the light pack with the pre stiched yarn.

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