Introduction: Skyrim Boiled Cream Treat

Delicious, simple, and fast.

Step 1: Find the Recipes

I used random recipes out of vintage books but cannot remember where I found them. I apologize.
Basically, I followed a vintage eclair recipe, making the choux and also the custard filling.

Just search up elcair recipe and custard filling (or pastry filling) recipe online and they will pop up, I promise.
The uniqueness of these are in the rt of them, not the recipe.

Step 2: Make the Choux

Follow it step by step, as the recipe states. Add in red rood coloring (to make it pink), or a bit of all natural food coloring.
It should look like the above color when done.

Step 3: Pipe

Put the choux batter into a piping bag and pipe in spirals. Keep it thin, they rise a lot.

Step 4: Place Them in the Oven and While You Wait...

make the custard.

Also, if you are a fan of chocolate, make a smaller batch of chocolate custard.

Step 5: Cool, Cut, Drop, Plop.

In that order,
Cool the pastries,
Cut a hole in the middle,
Drop in some chocolate filling,
Plop in the custard filling to the top.

Step 6: Enjoy

When they are filled, you are done.

Now take a picture of them in the firelight and tease you friends! :)
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