Introduction: Skyrim Gift Box (Or Any Logo You Want)

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Hello everyone, I´ve been a member of this great community for almost 10 years now and I decide to share my first but not last instructable, this is a small box inspired on the elder scrolls: Skyrim logo, it was a gift for a friend, I´m not a native English speaker so expect to read grammar errors on my writing but I will make my best efforts.

Step 1: Materials & Tools



•Rotary tool (Dremel)

•Rotary file bit



•Safety glasses

•Dust mask


•Metal cutting scissors


•Stick Glue

•Wood glue

•Paper clamps

•Rubber bands



•scotch tape

•cotton swabs

•cotton balls


•chinese ink


•spraypaint (some dark or contrast color)

•printer and paper

•2 parts epoxy resin

•Antibubble spray for resin

•3/4" copper pipe approximately 12cm of length

•1/2" plywood scraps to make 4 squares pieces of approximately 12cm x 12 cm

•1/4" scrap plywood to make top and bottom of the box

•3mm wood for top and bottom

Step 2: Making the Box

Remember always wear safety glasses and dust mask

The first step is to cut all the square pieces of 1/2 plywood, I had this scraps of previous projects but are uneven so cut them all to your desired length, in my case are approx. 12 cm by each side.

Next step is to make 45° cut to make the box, first cut on of the sides on the table saw and then proceed to cut the opposite side.

Now that you´re done with all the pieces check them to see if they fit perfect with the 45°, my table saw is second handed so I can´t calibrate it properly and so often I can´t get perfect 45°. So always check that.

Next step is to set the depth on your table saw something closer to the half of the thickness of the plywood and cut a line for the bottom piece 5mm away from the border and for the top you need to add more mm in my case was like 2 mm more so it was like 7mm in total but this depends on the kind of material you are going to use for the image or logo you want to display. Once you´re done with the lines for top and bottom grab a little piece of the 3mm wood you are going to use and see if it fits, mine does not so I had to move the table saw fence 1mm away to make a little bigger the top and bottom lines. now it should fit perfect.

Grab the piece of 3mm board and put it on a line for top or bottom and make a mark with the pencil a little longer than needed to cut all the excess later, once you make the first cut grab another piece of 1/2 plywood and do the same to make a pencil mark and then proceed to cut 2 square pieces for top and bottom, test how it fits on 2 sides of the 1/2 plywood and make a pencil mark to cut the excess on one side and repeat process to add another 1/2" plywood and make a mark to remove excess, check all the sides and trim the excess little by little and then you should end up with a "box".

Line up all the pieces of 1/2" ,you can get help with the table saw or a flat piece of wood and next add wood glue on all sides of the 45° and the interior cuts, grab the pieces for top and bottom and put it on the second 1/2" plywood and start to add all the sides and use rubber band as clamps and let it dry.

Step 3: Making the Interior of the Box

Important: Never use your fingers to push thin pieces of wood, always use a table saw sled or a push stick

Put the box on one side of top or bottom against the saw blade and raise the blade a little longer than 1/2" or the thickness of your wood make a pencil mark where you decide to split your box in my case was like 2/5 of the height of the box and then proceed to cut and repeat for all 4 sides.

Once you split the box you will need to sand it to make the cuts flat, you can use a belt sander or like me you can use a flat piece of a floor tile, a piece of glass or acrylic and glue sandpaper to it, start sanding till you get rid of the marks of your blade and make completely flat on both pieces

Measure the height 1 cm more than the piece that is going to be bottom part and cut a piece long enough to make the 4 side (if you see the photos you´ll notice that I used a longer piece first and then I trim the excess but now I realized that was easier to cut first the final height that is why the difference in the writing and photos).

Measure one of the interior sides and cut the strip of wood that you cut previously for interiors, test how it fits and do the same for the opposite side, now grab the piece of the interior strip and cut it a little longer than needed and put it against the 2 interior parts and make a mark to make the cut ( I strongly recommend you trim little and test how it fits and repeat many times as needed for perfect fit), then proceed to make the last piece of interior strip.

Next step is to glue the interior parts and use the paper clamps and let it

Step 4: Copper Skyrim Logo

Let´s make the Skyrim logo, I used 3/4" copper pipe to make the dragon, cut the pipe length bigger than the interior top box use a hacksaw or a pipe cutter, next cut the middle of the total width of the pipe, I miss the photos of this part but for unfolding the pipe my first attempt was with the help of pliers and the bench vise but I didn´t like it cause for the final I had to hammer it to flatten, so I did it again but I heated with a blowtorch till was red cherry and let it cool and just unfold it with little effort and for final I just put in on the flat floor tile and step on it and make it really flat.

Next you have to measure the top piece that is going to hold the logo, search for the image online and resize it to the height and width of your workpiece, print as many as you want cause next you have to cut it with scissors or a paper razor and a cutting mat, once is cut glue it to the metal piece with stick glue and use the spray paint to transfer the image into the metal.

Use the metal cutting scissors to get as close as possible to the final form( by the way also you could use a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade and save a lot of effort and time) and later with the Dremel and a file bit or a jeweler file remove the excess material for the final form, Be really careful with the neck and the tail cause you could break it and have to restart as I did.

Step 5: Painting the Box

Use gloves and newspaper cause can get really messy

Before painting check if there are gaps in the joints and use wood filler or mix the wood dust with a very small amount of wood glue.

For the painting use Chinese ink and a cotton ball and start rubbing all the wood with it, you have to let it dry and add another coat, for small details use a cotton swab till is completely covered in ink.

Step 6: Adding the Logo and Resin

Mark with a pencil the center of the top of the box as a reference and then add a drop of instant glue on the Cooper logo, once it´s glued put scotch tape on the interior top sides to prevent leaked resin.

later mix same proportion of resin component to pour into the top of the box, sometime later I made the box I discovered that there is a formula to calculate how much resin you would need and not make to much waste of it, the formula is:

Base * Height * Desired thickness / 2 (the result will be in mm)

But consider that is better to have a little extra so you don´t have to mix again just in case add some more mm to the thickness.

Next step mix equal parts of the resin components and mix for about 4 minutes, and let settle for about the same minutes, now start pouring the resin slowly and try to cover all the depth, use thin strips of paper to level the resin with the box and then spray the anti bubble for resin.

You should have to check every 10 minutes or less to see any bubble and get rid of it with the anti bubble spray if you want a perfect surface.

Step 7: Finishing

Use disposable towels or a piece of cloth and rub the beeswax on the outside of the box and next rub with the disposable towel much time till is completely covered and the excess removed, rub also the interior parts for easier opening cause is tight.

Final step, fill the box with goodies like candies or something special

Step 8: Box Ideas

Some other box ideas and a Sketchup file for making a preview on how it is going to look your final box

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