Skyrim: Nordic Sword.

Introduction: Skyrim: Nordic Sword.

About: Hey there! My name is Nathan and I made an account on instructables to show you how to go about making armour/weapon props from foam and other materials. :)
Hello again! and welcome to another instructable by me! :) 

In this instructable i will show you how to make a Skyrim: Nordic Sword! Firstly, i will be using fiber glass in this tutorial so if you haven't had any experience using fiber glass before, DON'T USE IT! its nasty stuff for both your clothes and your health!

Here is all the stuff i used:

  • EVA Foam
  • Thin play foam
  • Glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Fiber glass car repair kit (comes with Fiber glass sheet, resin and hardener)
  • Fake Fur
  • Hammerite Hammered Silver metal paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Hobby Knife
  • Illustrator
  • Sticky Tape
  • Dremel or sand paper

Step 1: Tracing and Cutting!

Ok so first of all i scaled and traced around the outside of the sword in illustrator to get the basic outline. (the entire sword is 31 inch's long)

Once i had the outline of the sword i printed it off, i only have a A4 printer so i had to print it off in sections at a time. This is fine, once its all printed out you can cut it all out using your hobby knife or just use a scissors and stick the pieces together with tape!

The whole sword wouldn't fit on the foam i had so i cut the template on the part where the blade joins to the hilt. Trace around the template onto the foam and cut the sword out! Also don't forget to cut out two hilt pieces to make a handle that will fit your hand comfortably.

Step 2: Gluing and Fiber Glass!

Ok so once you have cut out the foam sword pieces, you can then glue them all together! They should look something like this (1) (2).
Remember to glue the blade half way between the two hilt pieces!

I use a bit of sand paper to sand the edges to make it look more sword like and to round off the hilt. 

Now comes the messy bit! Take your sword to a well ventilated area like outside and fiber glass the entire thing, make sure to fiber glass over the join of the hilt and the blade otherwise you will find that the blade will become to heavy for the hot glue and snap off! 

After the resin has set be careful hand;eing the sword because the offshoots of fiberglass will be quite sharp! Sand the entire sword with a dremel or by hand with sand paper but use gloves!! and a mask and goggles don't breath in the dust!

Step 3: Paint!

OK so if you were successful with the fiberglass, you should now have a fairly ridged sword! Now on to the paint!

The paint i used was any old black spray paint and Hammerite hammered silver metal paint which if you live in the UK, can get from places like B&Q! Bit expensive though! 

Anyways! undercoat the sword in black first, once this has dried you can then add the silver, what i did was paint the whole thing silver and smudged black into the hilt to make it less shiny!

Step 4: Finish!

Yay!! so now you are almost done, all that's left is the finishing touches!

Using a picture of the sword as a reference, cut a piece of fur to the right shape and glue it into place with hot glue (can be messy)
Then cut out a strip (or two) out of the thin play foam and wrap and glue it around the hilt (can be messy and burny! BE CAREFUL!!!!!!)

After this point its up to you if you want to paint the strip to look like leather or not, i kept mine black :)

That's it for this instructable! Thank you all for the support for my Skyrim: Steel Mace :D and don't forget to like my Facebook! ;) There you can find all updates on what i am up to and future projects! And i'm also on You Tube too! Thank you very much!

Nathan :)

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    9 years ago on Step 2

    i wish i knew how to use fiberglass...

    Nate Space
    Nate Space

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    the fiberglass was just to strengthen it :) Im sure there is an easier way like papier mache?


    9 years ago on Step 4

    Looks AWESOME!!