Skyrim Map Markers

Introduction: Skyrim Map Markers

Woke up the other morning and I really wanted the Skyrim markers. Because I always wake up with Skyrim on my brain ?. So I decided I was going to make some. Didn't take a lot to make these so I figured I would share how I did them.

Now this is not limited to just Skyrim markers. You could apply this to anything!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Not a lot goes into making these.

Balsa wood, or any material that is easy for you to cut through
Paints or spray paints
Sand paper
Wood glue

Step 2: Getting the Image

Surfing the web I finally came across some images that were not pixelated.
When you find the right ones you want to use, Saved them. Open up a word document or whatever you use to resize pictures and print. But make sure all of the images are roughly the same size. No special reason, just looks good I guess.

Step 3: Cutting Out and Transferring

Now cut out the icon carefully then lay them on top of the wood. For this part I use a harder wood. Can't remember what is was though. It was laying around my art room.
Trace the outline of each. Then cut the shapes out

Step 4: Cut and Transfer One More Time

I made this a separate step because there a one additional thing that needs to be done.
This time I traced an outline on balsa wood because this time you will need to trace the inside parts of the icons. I don't know if you can tell but in the second image you can see that I pressed the inner outline into the wood. Once all this is done cut the inside parts out first (this makes cutting easier) the cut the outside outline.

Step 5: Time for Some Good Old Paint

Now that all parts are cut out, PAINT
I used spray paint just because it was faster and everything was done evenly.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once the paint dry, glue all the piece to its matching partner. Then sand the pieces in case there are any uneven sides.

Step 7: Get Creative

I love the way they came out but I wanted to make them a tad bit better. So I filled them with glow in the dark paints.

Step 8: Send Pictures of Yours

If anyone choices to do these or any other icons or markers, upload them and let me see

Thanks for reading my instructable!!!

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