Introduction: Slab Letter

A slab letter is an artistic way to express and display what you or a loved one like.

Step 1: Flatten Clay

Get clay and apply pressure to make clay flat enough to be able to enter the slab roller.

Step 2: Insert Clay

Locate the clay directly under the slab roller

Step 3: Roll

Move the wheel in a circular motion twice in opposite directions to be able to flatten the clay

Step 4: Result

Your piece of clay should look this flat

Step 5: Smooth

Smooth out your piece of clay to be able to work with it easier

Step 6: Trace

Select your desired letter and trace with a pen

Step 7: Remove Clay

Remove any extra clay that is around the letter

Step 8: Result

This what your final result should look like after cutting out the extra clay

Step 9: Bag

Place your piece of clay inside a bag with paper. This step is really helpful because the clay won't be too soft or too hard.

Step 10: Cut Out Strips

Make another slab. Cut out strips the width of a ruler.

Step 11: Vinegar

Score and Slip the strips onto the letter. Use vinegar as glue.

Step 12: Wall Building

Keep on adding strips until you have made a "wall" around the letter.

Step 13: Second Letter

Cut out another letter then score and slip onto the wall

Step 14: Decorate

paint and design your letter as wished