Introduction: Slanted Shelf

I got bored a while ago and was thinking of a new project to do. I've had this project in mind for a while now so I decided to make it. It's a very cool piece and everyone seems to like it.  So far everyone who has seen it has asked "why?" which was exactly what I was looking for haha. I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


-wood (make sure its the same thickness as the book)

-spare book you dont want anymore



-x-acto knife

-saw (i used a mitre saw)

Step 2: Make the "bookend"

To make the "bookend" for this, measure the wood to fit inside the book and cut the pages out. Cut the wood to fit. Drill 2 pilot holes in the bottom of the wood and glue the wood to the inside of the book, making sure it's flush.

Step 3: Make the Shelf

For this step all you need to do is drill holes where the bookend is going to go and then screw it in place. I used 3" screws for this.  Then Screw 2 pieces of wood to the bottom of the shelf (or one long one).  Finally just screw the shelf to the wall at an angle, add books, and enjoy.